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What is Social Model Of Health

What is a Social Model of Health? It is a Healthy social modelling in the development of a human personality. At the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional areas of life.

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What is social model of health
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There is a precise formula and Social Health Model that everyone needs to become a well rounded individual. The four building blocks of personal development are physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.
Each individual must be well balanced in these four main categories; to become an effective communicator:

  • physical
  • spiritual
  • emotional
  • mental
    The payoff from this level of social modeling, once the skills have become ingrained, is a emotionally thriving and sustainable personal ecosystem. This is basic Social Health Model that has everyone learning effective communication skills at all of the above four areas with lateral thinking.

Watch a You Tube video slide show animation. —> Social Model of Health.


Physical well-being is important to any Social Health Model. Physical health is a crucial step in maintaining personal development. Physical health includes optimal fitness and performance and personal comfort with one’s own body. This includes lots of physical activity daily and being physically capable. Exercise relates to both emotional and mental, and it has been shown that regular physical activity can lift people out of depression along with other emotional and mental problems. Getting a little exercise daily is a great way to stay in shape and boost emotional and mental health.


Spiritual development is also a key factor to the Social Health Model of a human being.
There are many areas of the human existence and environment, and the universe that are not fully understood, e.g. the human brain and how it works, the outer depths of the universe, and the microscopic world of viruses and disease. In a similar way there are areas of human spirit that is not fully understood.
The evidence for that are everywhere, many versions, many definitions, many groups and many churches and religions that claim to have the one and only true knowledge about spirituality. This is misleading; confusing that leads to arguments, and gives people headaches and turns people off and not to bother to understand spirituality. However there is one biblical teaching that most denominations and religions agree on; God is love.

Regardless of the religion or belief system, a sense of spiritualism can come in many forms. It does not have to pertain to religion or any belief system. Human beings are essentially spiritual at the very core, it starts very early at the conception of life, and is fed, nursed, nourished and fostered by the mother of the child. The spiritual something can instill a sense of good and a desire to contribute something positive to humanity.
Finding enlightenment and spiritual growth is way of giving someone a sense of purpose and striving to do better. Spiritual growth is a key feature that keeps people well rounded so they can be better individuals. Part of the human existence is attaining a higher sense of self and being a part of something greater. Since humans are social creatures, spiritualism is a great way to feel greater than the self.


Emotional health is a crucial aspect of the Social Health Model and it is a way of becoming a more balanced person. Emotional health relates to so many other areas in life. Many people do not realize, but it is crucial in maintaining a balanced emotional health. An unstable emotional well being can affect other areas of the Social Health Model and can harm a person’s health over time. Emotional health relates to depression, anxiety and any other problems that may come to affect a person’s health over time. Emotions of constant sadness also pertains to mental health as well.

Mental health correlates to the core center of the person ability to be in control and independent, self sufficient in the management of one’s own everyday life and relationships. It relates to so many other areas of the Social Health Model because the mental health state is really a balancing act on the center stage and everyone is watching to see how well you succeed in the walk of a life time.
Chemical disorders, illness, disease, stress, personal abuse can affect the mind and leave an open wound and scars in the person’s mental health. Mental health also affects the spiritual, physical and emotional growth. Positive mental health is important when trying to develop mental and physical health.

Communication and the processing of information happens in the mind, and if the mind is damaged so that the information transfer and interpretation is misinterpreted, linking cut off or scrambled then there really is very little ground for personal identity and personal esteem to grow and to thrive.

Sometimes things can change quickly, and other times slow. The mind of a person can be very active and receptive, and if there is a lot of negative information being directed at the person it can cause a self defeating program in the mind to self doubt and eat away all of self esteem and self identity.
That is another reason to reinforce positive Social Model of Health skills, this level of social modeling, once the skills have become ingrained; it is emotionally supporting and sustainable personality ecosystem.
To empower, rebuild and strengthen the skills and talents of each person.

Attitudes can be changed with the mind and just by changing one’s outlook, so many other areas in life can change. Mental well being is a crucial part of the Social Health Model.

Overall, the Social Health Model is an important model, in a world that is often obsessed with materialism. Things often have more value, matter more, as a priority than people. Any area lacking in physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health can cause an imbalance which can hamper personal identity and esteem growth and development. Part of the human spirit is growing and learning from one’s past actions. The Social Health Model is important for many reasons; the principles and the social objectives create an environment that is socially sustainable.

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