Chasing the Good Life

Chasing the Good Life

Chasing the Good Life and not the Pirates may be a major part of the yacht lifestyle image as being at the center of living a good life. Yachting globally is often seen as a luxury sport for the rich and the privileged.

A little piece of trivia about yachting that is fun to bring out if you are enjoying an afternoon on a friend’s yacht is that the word “yacht” is actually Dutch and it original spelling is “Jacht”. The translation of the original word is “hunt” because the yacht was created to give the Dutch navel vessels a tool to hunt down pirates in shallow water. But these days we are far more interested in chasing the good life on board a luxury yacht than going after pirates.

Chasing the Good Life on the seven Seas

It didn’t take long for yachting to become a lifestyle choice for those that could afford such luxury. It is fascinating that yachting was enjoyed as far back as the early 1800s where there are references in history that King Charles II was a huge yachting enthusiast. So we are in good company if we have come to love yachting too and its small wonder that it makes us feel like kings and queens when we are on board a luxury yacht cruising entirely for our pleasure.

Today when you think of the word “yacht”, you almost always associate it with private boats kept for the pleasure of those who can afford a large seafaring ship dedicated to relaxation, romance and pleasure. That image is wonderfully displayed in the delightful movie Some like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis in which Tony yells the sexy “Sugar” played by Marilyn that he is waiting for a signal from his wine steward on board his yacht for the time to return from the beach for cocktails. Who of us doesn’t get a kick out of that kind of lifestyle and we jump at the chance to enjoy it even if it’s just for a few weeks each year on holiday or vacation?

When you start to think about the kind of yacht you wish to buy or charter, you have a few decisions to make. For one thing, you can buy a sailing or motorized yacht. Sailing seems so natural and you don’t have to carry as much fuel (although a good sailing yacht will still have some ability to get to shore using a motor so you are never in danger of being stranded). Also what a wonderful way to pass the morning watching the crew of your yacht put up and maneuver the sails to get you surfing the winds at sea and letting them take you along.

A yacht is almost always a large boat except perhaps if it is devoted to racing. But for luxury and relaxation, having plenty of space on the yacht is important. If you are going to buy a new yacht, you should walk the boat over many times and picture different ways you will entertain family and friends and be sure you have plenty of accommodations not only for the largest party you might take with you to sea but also for a good sized crew you will have along to care for the yacht itself as well as for you and your guests. Your chef should have an ample kitchen with room for plenty of provisions if you want to stock the yacht for several days or weeks at sea. And there should be the proper facilities to store fine wines and other beverages for your wine steward to work with during your voyage.

By making sure your yacht is well designed for the lifestyle you want during your outings, you will get lots of good use from it each year. And if you are going to charter, you can look forward to bringing your same high standards to picking just the right yacht, captain and crew each time as well so your adventure at sea is just as enjoyable and luxurious as you always wanted it to be.

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A Yacht Club That is Right for You

A Yacht Club That is Right for You

A Yacht Club that is right for you can be found out by visiting the yacht club that is at a conveniently located. This may be entirely experimental, with no prior knowledge or experience of what yachting is all about.

While there is no law that says you have to join a yacht club when you get a yacht, there are a number of good reasons to do so. A yacht club gives you the chance to socialize with others who share your passion for yachting. Unlike being with people who give you that “odd” stare when you talk about how great yachting is, your fellow yacht clubs members will nod knowingly because they too share the passion. Yacht club members are often an outstanding peer group to be a part of who can also help you with questions about yachting, and what kinds of yachting outings you might enjoy.

A Yacht Club that is right for you
Happy smiling family laying on a sandy beach on their summer vacation

A Yacht Club that is right for you socially

Yacht clubs are tremendously social experiences and often the club will meet on board a different member’s yacht each month so you can see how other member’s yacht and enjoy some luxury at their expense as well. Then when your turn comes to host the club on your club, you also have a chance to show off your yacht which is also great fun.

When you first buy your yacht then, you may wish to begin looking for a great yacht club that can give you the support group you want to enjoy your new passion with. Going about finding the right kind of yacht club should be a process you are patient with because yacht clubs often have their own personalities. But yacht clubs are almost always gracious settings so you can visit different clubs each week and feel welcome. And its ok if you visit once or twice and move on to another club. In fact, if you have a particular kind of yacht club that would fit your needs, sister clubs may point you in the right direction.

Like a lot of things, the internet can be a lot of help just finding the various yacht clubs in your area. And when you start the search, you will often find that the better yacht clubs have web sites up with pictures, publications of their schedule of events and lots of information that will help you sort out which ones you want to visit. Many yacht clubs have a specific focus around a particular kind of yachting so you can cut down a lot of phone calls by just finding out which ones fit your approach to the sport. So if you are interested in yachting as a form of family entertainment, you may not want to join a yacht club devoted to yacht racing or fishing expeditions.

A Yacht Club that is right for you getting started

If you are just getting started in yachting, a yacht club can be of great help offering classes in sailing or other skills related to the sport. So one way to get to know a club is to sign up for a short course on yacht management, sailing or yacht maintenance and not only will you learn important skills, you meet others in the club and find out if the club is right for you. For the kids you may be able to find classes in scuba, water skiing or other water sports that they will want to know on your summer yachting adventure this year and the yacht club can help them get ready and make new friends as well. Again the classes are often listed on different yacht clubs web sites and you can sort out which clubs offer both educational and entertainment classes that would help you enjoy your yachting adventure to the fullest.

Just as some yacht clubs are focused on niche interest groups in yachting such as yacht racers or those dealing in very high end luxury cruise, you will find yacht clubs that focus on why you want to enjoy yachting in the first place. So you may be looking for a yacht club for singles because owning a yacht is part of your ongoing quest to meet new people and maybe new lovers. Other yacht clubs may be oriented toward a family experience so not only will the events be family friendly, everyone in the family will meet peers in yachting families.

Who knows, you may even find yourself making some lifelong friends in the yacht club, friends you may wish to join with on your next big yachting adventure. And if that is the outcome of joining a yacht club, then that social scene will have been one of the best groups you ever joined.

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A Society of Yacht Lovers

A Society of Yacht Lovers

A Society of Yacht lovers sound like a dream come true with dynamic active people being thrilled with the power of the natural wind energy harnessed in sailing.  You can imagine the images in the mind with a a pacific ocean islands, ports with lots of sailing boats tied to the pier mooring.

If you either have or find yourself developing a genuine fascination and love of not only yachts but the lifestyle of yachting, you are not alone. When you begin either using your new yacht or regularly chartering a yacht for a weekend of luxury or a special vacation, it’s easy to fall in with a society of yacht owners where you can share your enjoyment of these very special boats and learn from each other as well.

A Society of Yacht Lovers

A Society of Yacht Lovers explained

Yacht clubs are one way that yacht owners and yacht lovers alike gather routinely to share their common interest in diverse settings. Even if you are not a yacht owner yet yourself, it isn’t hard to get an invitation to yacht club meetings where your enthusiasm for yachting will only intensify. One way that the knowledge about yachting spreads easily in almost a viral way at yacht club gatherings is that these societies commonly mix together those who enjoy luxury yachting on a motor yacht to those who love sailing to those who own yachts as big as cruise ships to those who are into yachting for the thrill of yacht racing.

A Society of Yacht Lovers and boat racing

In this way even if your addiction is to luxury yachting, by socializing with yacht racing enthusiasts, you can find yourself a guest at a yacht race and get the thrill of that lifestyle in your blood. After viewing your yacht as a place to relax and cruise or sail the seas at a leisurely pace, to see yachts that are customized and trim and ready for high speed racing, you will see yachting an entirely different light.

Similarly if you are a speed yacht enthusiast, you may only see yachts the way race horse owners see their thoroughbred animals. But when you “rub elbows” with those who know the joy and fun of luxury yachting, you will see their fascination with your lifestyle and be eager to share theirs with you as well. So if you trade a couple tickets to the next big yacht race for a weekend on a luxury yacht, you will get a new appreciation for why those big lumbering yachts that are built for comfort, not for speed are so appealing. For both the yacht racer and the lover of luxury yachting, this exposure may lead to yet another area of yachting that you may wish to own a part of as your next big yacht investment.

A Society of Yacht lovers and travelling

Yacht clubs are also good ways to learn about new destinations and theme yacht excursions that you may wish to try out the next time you are planning a yachting adventure. You may never have considered yachting around the British Isles and combining your love of the luxury of your yacht with an exciting vacation exploring historic sights and taking in some of the best culture in the world. So as other yacht owners “brag” about their last great yacht adventure, you can be taking some notes and open up whole new ways you can keep your love of yachting fresh and new each year.

Meetings of the yacht club often are held on member yachts or in some location where the members can explore an aspect of yachting together. One of the major boat and yacht shows and expos in town is a great place to hold a yacht club meeting because as much fun as it is to explore new yachts yourself, its so much more enjoyable to do so with other yacht lovers and to discuss and compare yachts with people who know them and love them like you do.

If you join a yacht club, you should fully expect and actually want to see other club members use the meetings to “show off” how great their yacht is. Your fellow members will value your opinion and seeing you express admiration for their fine yacht and its excellent facilities. And it won’t be long before it might be your turn to host the yacht club onboard your vessel where you can lay out the red carpet for an elite group to admire what you have done to build the dream yacht paradise for you and your family and friends.

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Higher Education way to help to Exercise the Brain

Higher Education way to help to Exercise the Brain

Higher education way to help to exercise the brain through academic discipline, it can take the student to new heights and levels of learning and be a tremendous motivation force for learning a new disciplines of understanding.

These days it isn’t unusual for may adults to return to school in order to further their education. Perhaps they didn’t get to do so when they were younger due to finances or that they didn’t have the desire to do it. Continuing education can help ensure a good job that pays well. It is also one of the best ways to exercise the brain. Research shows individuals that are well educated suffer less from a variety of mental health concerns.

Higher Education way to help to Exercise the Brain
A word cloud concept around the word Education with great terms such as degree, diploma, university, reading and more.

Higher education way to help to exercise the brain and be mentally active for longer in life

In fact, those that pursue higher education when they are older rather than right out of high school are going to prevent their cognitive learning to decline. It is natural for the cognitive abilities to slide as a person gets older. Exercising the brain though is one of the most effective ways to prevent that from occurring. Research shows that this is because the frontal lobes are used for educational purposes. Most older people see a decline in their cognitive abilities because they aren’t using those frontal lobes like they did in the past.

It is also believed that exercising the brain in this manner helps the brain to develop more neurological connections. Think of your brain as a highway. As you learn more there are many additional branches that could be side roads. The more directions that your neurological connections take the more advanced your cognitive thinking is going to be. If you are still debating about furthering your education, now you have another great reason to do so.

These days anyone that wants to continue their education is able to do so. Most college campuses have classes offered during the day, at night, and on the weekends. This type of flexibility allows students to customize their school activities to fit their schedule. Many adults are already working so they need classes that won’t interfere with their job. There is also financial aid available as well as child care if needed so these features further open up the opportunities as well.

Some employers will even cover the cost of you going back to school if that education is going to improve your ability to do your job. There may be stipulations too such as that you have to continue working for them for a period of time after you complete your education. If you don’t then you will be responsible to reimburse them for the money they paid out towards your college education.

There are many accredited college programs online these days as well. They are very convenient. This is a great way to exercise your brain and to get your college education completed. Imagine being able to do your school work on the computer at any time of day or night that fits into your schedule. Many people are learning this way and they absolutely love it.

With a higher level of education you will find many new opportunities open up to you. The fact that you are exercising your brain during all of it means that it is going to function at optimum levels for you as well. The more you challenge your brain and attempt to learn new materials the more successful you are going to be as a person. This is because they brain is a centralized location that controls so many aspects of our perceptions and our emotions.

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Math to Keep your Mind Active

Math to Keep your Mind Active

Math to Keep your Mind Active naturally, you can use it while doing grocery shopping, making a shopping list before going shopping and having an estimated cost in mind.

In the early years of school we learn the basics of math. Those skills definitely are used in many aspects of our lives. However, as adults we tend to rely on other methods for calculating things. As a result our skills aren’t nearly as sharp as they used to be. Have you ever been out with friends for lunch and then struggled to divide the total bill three ways? Simple math can become a struggle if you don’t work on it.

Math to keep your mind active without the use of electronic tools

One of the main reasons why this part of your brain isn’t as sharp as it used to be is that we have too many handy resources. We tend to use calculators for everything including balancing our checkbook and setting up our budget for the month. Most software programs have built in calculators too so that you don’t have to check the math as you create spreadsheets or other materials either.

Doing Math by Hand is a Great way to Keep your Mind Active

The retailers do this for us as well. For example when there is a big sale on clothing many of the items have a percentage off on them. The sign on the rack may say 30% off the retail price. Instead of having to figure out that savings on your own though the will have a chart attached to the rack. This tells you the full price and then the sales price with that 30% reduction.

So how do we get that ability to do math very well back?

The answer lies in taking the time to practice it. Do your math by hand and you will be able to strengthen that part of your brain. Put the calculator aside and do your math by hand. Many people are able to do it quickly when they can visually see the numbers they are working with.

As your skills significantly improve you need to challenge yourself to do more of the math in your head. This is more difficult but as you work at it you will find that you are able to do it in no time at all. This is going to come in time as you work at it. You will be able to quickly determine how much of the bill is yours as well as how much of a tip you should leave based upon your balance that is owed.

When you go back to doing math by hand and in your mind it is going to take you more time than before. This can be frustrating if you deal with numbers often throughout the day. However, keep in mind that such exercises for the brain really do have a significant purpose. You will be pleasantly surprised too as you notice your skills improving over the course of time.

Math to keep your mind active ASAP

If you aren’t confident in your ability to calculate things in such a way you can keep a calculator handy. However, make a rule that you only use it after you have made a very good attempt to get the answer on your own. You can use the calculator as a way to verify that your answers are correct.

The more your challenge yourself to do your math by hand or in your mind the more your mind is going to benefit. When we stop using a part of our brain functions we will lose them. Don’t allow that to happen and if it already has then you have the ability to change it now.

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Can Aromatherapy Stimulate your Brain Activity

Can Aromatherapy Stimulate your Brain Activity

Can aromatherapy stimulate your Brain Activity ? Is a great question, everything in moderation is my advise, especially because there are so many quick fix solution offered there days promising solution to problems of the mind.  The most reliable remedy to any problems of the mind is a healthy life style, natural life style without any alcohol or illegal drugs to stimulate the mind unnaturally. Regular physical exercise should be a natural life style, not just once a week activity. Regular exercise daily, especially for those people that are unemployed and not getting physical exercise through work.

Can Aromatherapy Stimulate your Brain Activity

There are many different ways that people choose to stimulate their brain activity. One of them that seems to be getting a great deal of attention these days is called aromatherapy. This involves lighting candles or heating up oils with various types of scents on them. These scents will trigger a variety of reactions from the brain that are positive in nature. Not everyone is a follower of such methods though because they are skeptical about such capabilities. There are other people though that will tell you that aromatherapy has changed many things in their thinking process for the better.

When it comes to the use of aromatherapy for increased brain activity, you need to do your homework. You need to be aware of what the different scents are able to offer. It is also important to note that you don’t need very much to get the job done. A few drops of essential oils are very potent and that will do the job. Don’t mix scents either as you don’t know how they will affect your brain when they are in a mix versus each one separately.

Can Aromatherapy Stimulate your Brain Activity
Jasmine flowers

Can Aromatherapy Stimulate your Brain Activity. Give or take?

If you want to energize your brain such as when you are studying for a test or trying to write a paper you need to avoid turning to the caffeine. Instead you should try peppermint, cypress, or lemon. When you feel that your brain is on overload it is important to relax and to reduce stress levels. You won’t be able to make good decisions until you can think clearly about a topic. Some great aromatherapy scents for this include geranium, lavender, and rose.

You will have to decide for yourself if aromatherapy is something that stimulates your brain or not. There is certainly nothing negative about the use of aromatherapy so you don’t have anything to lose by trying it. Many people have done so to curb their own curiosity on the topic. Discovering if there are any such benefits first hand means that you have taken on a role of discovery. That in itself is also a great way to continue to increase your brain activity.

What may surprise you though is that your brain may already be reacting to aromatherapy around you. Many businesses already know the value of it so they use it to their advantage. They use scents that rejuvenate the brain so that you will feel good while you are in their business. This is important because when you leave there your mind will associate that location with positive experiences. It is very likely that you will return to that retailer again and again because of the positive influence it has on your brain activity.

Some employers have experimented with aromatherapy as well. Some of the studies indicate that production levels are higher than in the past with certain types of scents that rejuvenate the mind and to help reduce stress. Common mistakes also are reduced because the employees are in a better frame of mind.

The world of aromatherapy is very fascinating and one you should explore in further detail. It is one of the most natural ways to evoke positive responses relating to your brain activity. Many people burn candles of a given scent in their home to help give it a warm and inviting feeling for all that enter it. They also feel that it helps keep the harmony within the family because everyone is exhibiting healthy brain activities.

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Walking Exercises Benefits Brain Activities

Walking Exercises Benefits Brain Activities

Walking exercises benefits brain activities naturally, walking is one of the most natural physical activities that normally healthy people can do. But there are those people that are not normal in their attitude to regular exercise. Not normal meaning lazy, over indulgent or not creatively alive, the outdoors activity of walking offers a window to living things, plants, tress, animals, birds and people. Living things is where life is at, life is a creative activity, ongoing, dynamic life  outdoors is the norm for healthy human beings.

Walking Exercises Benefits Brain Activities

Walking Exercises Benefits Brain Activities explained

Walking is a way to get the daily exercise you need and it is also great for your brain activities. Research shows that people who walk are doing a huge service for their brains. As a person walks the blood circulates faster. At the same time more glucose and oxygen are sent to the brain. This is possible because walking is a very low impact type of exercise. When you exercise with fast paced movements your body is going to absorb that extra glucose and oxygen so it isn’t available for the brain to receive.

The additional oxygen that goes to your brain is a great way to help you reduce levels of stress. This is why a brisk walk a couple of times each day can help a person to see pressing situations in new ways. Individuals that walk on a regular basis have better concentration and they seem to be more receptive to learning new things. It is estimated that they risk of a stroke is reduced by more than 50% when you walk each day. Since a stroke can have severe consequences for the brain activities this is good news.

Walking exercises benefits brain activities for woman

There have been many studies with women and their walking habits. Those that walk at least 20 minutes each day seem to be able to remember things that have occurred more than others. The fact that they aren’t suffering from memory loss as they get older could be due to the amount of walking they have done in the past.

Start out by walking at least 20 minutes a day. Try to work up to at least 30 minutes. As you are able to get this time frame in without any problem offer yourself a new challenge. Try to walk further in those 30 minutes than you did before. This can be accomplished by picking up the pace and by focusing your attention on the size of your stride. Try to make them longer and with a purpose rather than just going for a leisurely stroll.

Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have enough energy to walk. If you have aches and pains you may be afraid to engage in such activities. However, walking releases more endorphins that are produced by the body naturally. This means you will have more energy than before when you walk. You will also have a sense of happiness that you didn’t before thanks to those endorphins being released in the brain. Those endorphins can also help to relieve various types of pain your body may have.

It is understandable that people are very different when it comes to their fitness levels. Walking is low impact so just about anyone can take part in it. This is the perfect activity to engage in so that your body gets the physical exercise it needs. At the same time our brain gets a workout that keeps it youthful and vital as well. You can walk alone or with a friend to keep yourself motivated. If you are alone the use of an MP3 player can help make it more interesting.

If you have children, take them along for the walk as well. Children are never too young to work on their physical and mental well being. In fact, children that have been doing so from a young age will accept it as a part of what they need to do. They will be more likely to continue such efforts as they become adults themselves. This means that their brain activities will be very strong and healthy. They will stay that way too instead of slipping as they get older.

You can get them a stroller or a wagon to help keep the pace rapid until they are old enough to keep up with you. Many parents walk at tracks around playgrounds too. This is perfect because the children get to play while you walk. Yet you can still keep a close eye on them while you do so.

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Many types of cherry blossom trees

Types of cherry blossom tree

Types of cherry blossom trees to consider before deciding on one. One of the most pleasant trees you can possibly maintain is a cherry tree. The word Cherry is derived from the name of an ancient city in Turkey. It describes both the tree and the fruit it produces. A cherry fruit is classified as a “drupe”. In the center it has a single hard core that holds the seed. The outside of the fruit is smooth and might have a small groove down one side. There are hundreds of different varieties of cherry.

Types of cherry blossom trees
Cherry blossom in its glory

There are two main groups that cherries can fall under. It is either a wild cherry or a sour cherry. Wild cherries are generally used for plain eating, and originated in Europe or western Asia. Usually if you buy a bag of cherries from the store, you can guess that they are wild cherries. The other type, sour cherries, also originated in Europe and western Asia. These are less pleasant to eat, and are used more in cooking situations, including the production of jam or jelly.

Cherry trees aren’t just known for their delicious fruits. They are also popular for their beautiful flowers or blossoms. The clusters of flowers that appear in the spring are rather breathtaking, and have inspired many a song or poem.

If you’re looking to plant a cherry tree, you might consider black cherries. It is best known for being the tallest tree available, and producing beautiful white clumps of flowers. The fruit, which becomes ready to pick in the summertime, is small and black. The only negative aspects about this tree are its vulnerability to certain caterpillars, and the tendency for the fruits to fall on their own and stain concrete. That’s why it is best to keep them over grass rather then near a sidewalk.

Another one of the most beautiful types of trees is the purple leaved plum. Contrary to its name, it isn’t a plum but rather a larger type of cherry. Its tree is most recognizable for its strikingly purple flowers. Through the course of its flowering season, they usually change from deep purple to light pink. Either way, you’ll probably be the only one on the block with such a colorful tree. One of its strong points is that it is particularly resistant to pests.

The Amur Chokeberry is most recognizable for its golden bark on the trunk and branches. When its flowers bloom in the middle of spring, they are very small and white. These trees specifically require moist, but well-drained soil. If your yard can’t supply that, then this is probably a tree you should skip. This tree is one of the most susceptible to pests and diseases unless you live in a very cold climate. It is one of the most high maintenance trees, but the cherries are delicious and the flowers are some of the lushest.

No matter what your yard or soil situation is like, you should have no problem finding a cherry tree that will do well in your area. They are a great thing to add to your yard, and when it flowers it will take the breath away from everyone that looks at it. It works great as a focal point for any garden. So go to your nursery today, and inquire about what types of cherry trees are known for doing well in your region. You’re bound to find something you like.

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Starting an Orchard

Starting an Orchard

Starting an Orchard may can be a a rewarding socially enriching cultural experience. Location is everything, and it is also true for growing an orchard. The location may be romantic as a country town in France, or somewhere else where the soil is good, rain falls naturally and the fruit trees grow happily.

If you have a large amount of land that you have not put to use, you may consider planting an orchard. If you’ve had previous experiences with planting and maintaining trees, that is an added reason why you would be perfect for maintaining an orchard. It might seem like an overwhelming thing to undertake, but it is actually fairly simple. All it takes is some commitment, interest and passion for growing things outdoors.

If you’ve never grown a tree on your property, you might not want to make the time and money investment of buying lots of trees. If you are inexperienced, you will want to start with just one or two trees so that you can get a feel for the growing process. Once you have seen one tree along all the way to adulthood successfully, you are probably experienced enough to handle multiple trees. You should never plant so many trees that you are going to be overwhelmed, though. Only plant what you can handle.

Generally if you are getting started on a large amount of trees, you will want them to all be the same type. If they all require the same amount of water and nutrients, you won’t have to spend as much time catering individually to the different types of tree. As an added benefit, you will become very familiar with the process of growing that specific tree. You won’t be overwhelmed by having many different types, but instead you will become a master of that specific type.

If you already have a tree growing on your property that you have maintained from its childhood, then you know that the soil is acceptable for that type of tree and ones similar to it. Since you’ve already been through the process of growing that type of tree before, you shouldn’t have any problem testing all of the soil to make sure it is similar to the segment you already planted on. Then it is just a matter of growing more trees and causing the process to be the same as it was before. Since you’ve already dealt with the same problems in the past, you probably have a good idea of how to deal with any pests that might come about during growth.

Generally in an orchard, the trees are planted in a row, then pruned to be in a two dimensional shape. This is known as either a fan or an espalier shape. There is one main branch in the center that is completely vertical, then multiple branches that go off to the side. If the side branches are horizontal it is known as an espalier. If they are sloped, it is known as a fan. Generally these 2 shapes are used in orchards because of how compact they are. By using them, you allow for many more trees to be in the certain amount of space. However, if land conservation is not an issue or you’re not looking to be efficient, you should probably stick with the traditional tree shape.

To aid in the watering of your trees, you should install either a sprinkler system or an irrigation system. The sprinklers require more maintenance, but if you dig an irrigation ditch then it is really easy to just run the faucet for a few minutes every day and reach all the trees. It’s just a matter of what you would prefer.

Once your tree collection starts to bear large amounts of fruit, you can consider starting a fruit stand or participating at the farmers market. Instead of letting the fruits go to waste or trying to eat them all (which can lead to some bad stomach aches), you can let the rest of the world enjoy the product of your intense labor. If you become a popular vendor, you might even make back a decent return on your investment. However, you can’t count on making very much money. Starting an orchard shouldn’t be a capitalistic investment. You should only start one if you have a passion for trees.

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Well-being, what is well-being?
I found this definition online, it says it well, dictionary definition on wellness is:

Just married young couple sharing quality time at a restaurant holding hands

The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.
an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.

Through the years – decades and centuries – the world has changed, ideas have come and gone and humanity has continued to populate the earth. While the world has remained the same, the environment we have created on Earth has changed radically.

With the invention of technology, medicine and the knowledge we now possess about nutrition and health, humanity has a much greater life expectancy. Among the advantages that technology offers our physical beings, the effects on other aspects of our person are not as desirable. While being well in all aspects of life brings ever more difficultly than it has ever before, it is still possible to achieve a state of wellness.

Human beings still have the same basic needs as early ancestors yet the artificial surroundings we live in are not conducive to fostering happiness or well being. We are surrounded by walls, screens, shades and buildings that confine us and separate us from the natural world. In order to have complete well-being, people need to be fulfilled socially, environmentally, occupationally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Social fulfillment comes from the relationships and bonds that we form with other people in the world around us. Thanks to technology, the world has never been more connected and there are infinite ways for people to stay connected, no matter where they are. The problem isn’t the multiple ways to stay in touch; the problem comes from the fact that all interaction takes place through electronics and that we have substituted electronic relationships for physical relationships. There is a distinct difference between telling someone something is funny and laughing over something with a friend.
Emotion doesn’t transmit through technology and so we have made compromises and learned to live a life with less emotion. We feel like we are connecting with so many people at all times but the lack of physical relationships can leave us feeling isolated.

Environmental fulfillment comes from taking care of the world we live in and nourishing a relationship with the nature around us. Having ready access to nature and beauty is essential to human health; unfortunately, it has lost the importance it once had in the lives of humanity.

Living in cities around the world requires us to disengage from nature and our relationship with it in order to perform as we are expected to. We are especially expected to perform in our occupations, where taking breaks during the day is seen as something to feel guilty about. Our occupation is another area where we need to feel fulfilled in order to be happy. We need to feel that we are valuable in our field yet having a balance between the rest of our lives and our career.
A balanced life allows for fulfillment in the other areas of our life that contributes to our happiness and well-being. The spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of ourselves are fulfilled when we feel that we have a greater purpose in life and that we can overcome the difficulties that will face us. Living a healthy life and having the opportunity to expand our minds with new information is also crucial to fulfilling other areas of our being.

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